Stanhope Elmore fined, put on probation following academic fraud allegations


Former Stanhope Elmore football coach Jeff Foshee has allegedly committed academic fraud according to WSFA-TV in Montgomery. WSFA obtained a letter that shows Stanhope Elmore High School Principal Dr. Jamey McGowin, along with Dr. Andre Harrison and the Elmore County Board of Education, self-reported an alleged grade-changing incident to the Alabama High School Athletic Association.

Foshee resigned last month at an emergency meeting of the board of education. The letter says:

“According to your information, Coach Jeff Foshee committed academic fraud with the assistance of a special education teacher by providing monetary incentives to the teacher enabling the student-athlete to meet AHSAA academic requirements for the participation in the sport of football.”

The letter makes it sound like only one student-athlete’s grades were changed, and that the student repeated the classes involved.

When Foshee originally resigned, he said it was because of health concerns and burnout. He followed in his father’s footsteps and had coached the Mustangs since 2000 compiling a record of 105-72, reaching the state semifinals once in 2004 and winning two region titles. Stanhope Elmore hired Mike Dean in his place, a former coach with multiple south Alabama schools. Many thought former Edgewood Academy coach Bobby Carr would step in to the role.

The AHSAA imposed a $300 fine and one year probation, however, that probation will not keep the Mustangs from reaching the post-season, like the violations surrounding Muscle Shoals and John Carroll.

AHSAA Executive Director Steve Savarese responded to Stanhope Elmore self-reporting the violations:

“Because of your immediate and self-imposed disciplinary sanctions that included the resignation of Coach Jeff Foshee from Stanhope Elmore High School and the student-athlete repeating the classes involved in the fraud, no additional sanctions will be assessed by this Association.”