Fyffe was able to post the first shutout of the Super 7 after six games with a 28-0 win over Aliceville. Dilan Kilpatrick was named MVP as he rushed for 158 yards on 25 attempts, including three touchdowns.

Meanwhile, Aliceville wasn’t able to get much of anything going. Their one drive inside the red zone ended in an interception, and Fyffe was able to hold the Yellow Jackets to only 105 total yards on the day.

For Aliceville, Deonte Taylor was only 1/7 for 23 yards and an interception. Running the ball, Deonte Taylor led the Yellow Jackets with six carries for 45 yards.

On top of Kilpatrick for Fyffe, Seth Benefield was 1/3 for 24 yards, but also added 11 rushes for 51 yards. Payton Anderson had 11 carries for 53 yards and the Red Devil’s other touchdown.

This was the best all around performance so far of the Super 7. Fyffe cemented their team as the most dominant in 2A over the last three years, making it to the Super 7 each year and winning two of them.

Although some people may look at Aliceville’s win over Elba as a little strange and under bad circumstances for Elba, Aliceville earned their way to Auburn with wins over the defending champ along with one of the favorites in the south in GW Long.

The future may be interesting as Kilpatrick graduates. The door might open for Tanner, Elba, LaFayette, GW Long, and of course Aliceville to possibly jump into the Super 7 next year and challenge for the 2A crown.

For now, it’s Fyffe that reigns supreme over class 2A.

JoxPreps Offensive MVP: RB Dilan Kilpatrick (Fyffe)

Kilpatrick rushed 25 times for 158 yards and three touchdowns. He also had one tackle on defense.

JoxPreps Defensive MVP: LB Silas Hicks (Fyffe)

Hicks had six tackles including a sack, three tackles for loss, and a quarterback hurry.

JoxPreps Final Top 5 Rankings

1. Fyffe
2. Aliceville
3. GW Long
4. Elba
5. Lanett