The final week of region play is in the books for everyone outside of 6A/7A Region 1. There are still some playoff spots to be determined in region play in Mobile, but other than that, the region slate is done and the playoffs are, for the most part, set.

Below are all of the unofficial brackets for each classification 1A-7A. The official brackets will be released by the AHSAA after next week, but we have gone through and set them all in place for you to see.

If a team is listed in red it means that spot isn’t 100% set in stone yet. If that is the case, then we are loosely projecting which team will belong there. For each case like that, we will explain what the situation is below the bracket.

Most of the situations, outside of the 6A/7A Mobile regions, will fall under tiebreaker “L” which states: “The team whose defeated non-region opponents (in class, above class, and within two classes below) have the most victories if all teams involved in the tie play an equal number of games.” So anywhere you see “Tiebreaker L” listed, this is the rule we are referring to.

We will release our cool, printable versions of the brackets for you after next week once all of the seeds are set and approved by the AHSAA. Until then, here are how the brackets look in our post-Week 9 bracketology. If you have any questions as to why a certain team is listed or if you note any errors, feel free to contact us on Twitter @JoxPreps or email us.

It should also be noted that the bottom team (the higher seed) is the home team for the first round. That’s the way the official brackets are written up, so we are following suit.

Class 1A

Region 1

There is a three-way tiebreaker scenario that goes to tiebreaker “L” between Linden, Marengo and Millry. They all have lost to Sweet Water and then beat each other.

Here is their non-region schedule:

Linden (3): Washington County (3 wins)
Remaining opponents: Choctaw County (1 win)

Marengo (1): Choctaw County (1 win)
Remaining opponents: Southern Choctaw (4 wins)

Millry (0): None
Remaining opponents: Leroy (7 wins)

While Linden currently holds the advantage, they could have the least amount of wins to count toward this tiebreaker if Marengo and Millry lose. So this is still up in the air for now and will depend on next week. If it stays this way, Linden will win and then Marengo will be third while Millry is fourth. Whoever wins this tiebreaker, the next tiebreaker is head-to-head between the next two teams.

Class 2A

Region 3

This three-way tie comes down to Goshen, Elba and Luverne for first place. They are all tied at 5-1 after region play, so it goes to tiebreaker “L”. Here is how they stand right now:

Elba (8): Daleville (5 wins), Samson (3 wins)
Remaining opponents: Opp (4 win)

Goshen (8): Ariton (8 wins), Houston Academy (0 wins)
Remaining opponents: Brantley (7 wins)

Luverne (13): Highland Home (6 wins), Brantley (7 wins)
Remaining opponents: Flomaton (4 wins)

This region is way up in the air, depending on what happens in the final week. Luverne has a strong start ahead of the other two, and Elba looks to be in trouble either way. Luverne is the leader right now, so we have them in second, then Elba wins the head-to-head over Goshen.

Region 4

RC Hatch defeated Francis Marion, putting them both in a three-way tie with Billingsley.

Billingsley (2): Autaugaville (2 wins)
Remaining opponents: Dallas County (1 win)

Francis Marion (2): Wilcox Central (2 wins)
Remaining opponents: Hale County (7 wins)

RC Hatch (4): AL Johnson (4 wins)
Remaining opponents: Autaugaville (2 wins)

RC Hatch is the leader now, and Billingsley can only tie them if Autaugaville beats RC Hatch. But we have RC Hatch in the bracket now just because they are leading currently. If Francis Marion can beat Hale County, they win and are the fourth seed.

Region 7

There are two fun tiebreakers in 2A Region 7, with a tiebreaker for first place where at least all of the teams have made the playoffs. There is also a tiebreaker for the fourth and final spot. The different between the two is that this first one can’t use tiebreaker “L” because Tarrant has only played nine games, and the tiebreaker requires equal games played. This skips to tiebreaker “N” which states: “The team whose defeated opponents have the most victories.” Simple, right?

They all beat the other four teams in the region so that will be a tie at 9 wins each (potentially 13), plus Falkville beat Cleveland to give them one extra. So essentially, it will go to the same numbers with how their out of region games go with Falkville getting one more.

Cleveland (5): Southeastern (1 win), Locust Fork (4 wins)
Remaining opponents: Susan Moore (3 wins)

Falkville (3): Sumiton Christian (3 wins)
Remaining opponents: Vinemont (2 wins)

Tarrant (5): Ragland (5 wins)
Remaining opponents: Talladega County Central (6 wins)

Cleveland and Tarrant are tied right now, but Tarrant has the biggest potential win next week, so we will put them in first temporarily. Falkville most likely won’t be able to win this tiebreaker.

Now the fourth place tiebreaker which does go to tiebreaker “L”:

Tanner (4): West Limestone (4 wins)
Remaining opponents: East Limestone (4 wins)

West End (3): Susan Moore (3 wins)
Remaining opponents: Ashville (3 wins)

Winston County (0): None
Remaining opponents: Addison (7 wins)

This could still go many ways, but it looks like Tanner has the best chance since they lead now and could have the highest win total, so we have them temporarily in this spot.

Class 3A

Region 2

Even though the bracket is set for this region, it’s important to note that there are four teams tied for third place in this region. Those teams are Geneva, Opp, Providence Christian, Slocumb. The difference with this tie is that Slocumb wins a tiebreaker we have skipped over for the most part. Before we get to tiebreaker “L”, there are tiebreakers that look at winning percentage against teams ranked ahead and behind where the tie is. It starts with the #1 team and works down to the final team. In this scenario, Wicksburg is the region champ, but they have one loss – to Slocumb. So Slocumb is guaranteed to be the #3 team in this region.

That then leaves a three-way tie between Geneva, Opp, and Providence Christian. The same tiebreaker applies here that applied above, except for the second place team Daleville. Although all three of the teams in this tiebreaker beat each other, Providence Christian defeated Daleville a few weeks ago, so they win the tiebreaker by default before we go to non-region games. Geneva and Opp are unfortunately, left out.

Region 8

There is a three-way tie for first place in this region between Colbert Heights, Lauderdale County, and West Morgan. The seasons are done for Colbert Heights and West Morgan, but Lauderdale County still has one game left. This does go to tiebreaker “L”, and here is how it lays out now:

Colbert Heights (8): Red Bay (4 wins), Phil Campbell (1 win), Sheffield (3 wins)
Remaining opponents: None

Lauderdale County (0): None
Remaining opponents: Brooks (6 wins)

West Morgan (9): Saint John Paul II (0 wins), Priceville (2 wins), Cherokee (7 wins)
Remaining opponents: None

West Morgan leads this currently, and no matter what, Lauderdale County can’t catch either team with an unlikely win over Brooks. So it comes down to Colbert Heights and West Morgan. West Morgan currently leads this by one, and if it ties, they will still win the tiebreaker on a head-to-head victory over Colbert Heights. So we have them projected as the top seed. Colbert Heights would then be the second seed with Lauderdale County in third. The only way this can be different is if Colbert Heights ends with the higher win total since all of the teams they beat still have a game left. If Cherokee defeats Red Bay, West Morgan wins no matter what because that affects the win totals since they play each other.

Class 4A

Region 4

This region has been a mess for a while now, and the tiebreakers have carried over to the final week. There are currently three teams tied at 6-1 for first, and three teams tied at 3-4 for fourth. The three tied at the top are Bibb County, Hale County, and Northside. The next three are Greensboro, Sipsey Valley, and West Blocton. Here is tiebreaker “L” for the first group of teams.

Bibb County (6): Jemison (3 wins), Montevallo (3 wins)
Remaining opponents: None

Hale County (4): Winfield (4 wins)
Remaining opponents: Francis Marion (3 wins)

Northside (7): American Christian (7 wins), Brookwood (0 wins)
Remaining opponents: Holy Spirit (4 wins) ineligible, Class 1A

Northside has the lead now, which is why we have them in first. If Brookwood beats Holt, which we expect, that will give them 8 wins (assuming ACA loses to Maplesville). Then Jemison AND Montevallo would have to win, which is unlikely, in order to tie the number. We are decently confident that Northside will win this tiebreaker. Winfield could get a win this week to put Hale County at 8 if they win over Francis Marion. The tiebreaker could go to tiebreaker “M”, which states: “The team whose defeated opponents have the most victories if all teams involved in the tie play an equal number of games.”

If that were the case, it would depend if Hale County defeats Francis Marion or not and if Northside defeats Holy Spirit. If that happens, then Bibb County could win since they beat Northside and Northside would be the only 9-win team. This is one of those situations where we really need to wait and see. Same with the tiebreaker below.

Next, the battle for fourth:

Greensboro (0): None
Remaining opponents: Carver-Birmingham (6 wins)

Sipsey Valley (0): None
Remaining opponents: None

West Blocton (0): Brookwood (0 wins), Verbena (0 wins)
Remaining opponents: None

This scenario is interesting, because it could go to tiebreaker “M” even easier than above. That means that due to West Blocton’s wins over two winless teams, the team that beat them in region play would have more points to count towards their total, which means Greensboro would win the tiebreaker. In order for it to get here, Greensboro would have to lose to Carver, which is very likely. Also, Brookwood and Verbena would have to lose next week. However, Brookwood plays Holt, and we expect that to be the lone win for Brookwood, thus giving West Blocton the win in tiebreaker “L”.

Class 5A

Region 8

There is only one spot up for grabs in Class 5A and it is for the fourth and final spot in Region 8. The tie is between East Limestone, Lawrence County and Russellville, who are all at 3-4 in region play. Here is how things stand now according to tiebreaker “L”:

East Limestone (4): West Limestone (4 wins)
Remaining opponents: Tanner (3 wins) ineligible, Class 2A

Lawrence County (0): East Lawrence (0 wins)
Remaining opponents: West Point (6 wins)

Russellville (0): None
Remaining opponents: Colbert County (5 wins)

East Limestone holds this tiebreaker now, which is why we currently have them in the bracket, but this could go any number of ways. If Lawrence County beats West Point, they are in. If Russellville beats Colbert County and Lawrence County loses, then Russellville is in. If both Russellville and Lawrence County lose their final regular season games, then East Limestone is in.

Class 6A

Region 1

6A Region 1 still has another week of region play left, so there are still seeds to be claimed. The only spot that is set is Spanish Fort as the top seed. They locked it up with a win in Week 9. The big one is Daphne vs. Baldwin County, as the winner will be guaranteed the second seed and a home game in the first round. If Daphne loses the game, they will be guaranteed third, so they are in the playoffs no matter what. That is not the case for Baldwin County, who could miss the playoffs at 7-3.

If Daphne wins AND Saraland wins over BC Rain (which is likely), then it will bring up a 3-way tie for third between Baldwin County, Blount and Saraland. It will go to non-region games at that point with tiebreaker “L”, and this is how it stands as of now:

Baldwin County (6): Northview (3 wins), Alma Bryant (3 wins)
Remaining non-region opponents: None

Blount (6): Vigor (6 wins)
Remaining non-region opponents: None

Saraland (11): Heard County (8 wins), Murphy (3 wins)
Remaining non-region opponents: None

Saraland’s win over Heard County will count toward this tiebreaker, which locks up the tiebreaker for Saraland if it comes to this. That means they get the third seed, and the winner of Blount and Baldwin County head-to-head gets the fourth seed, which would be Blount, who won 24-19 back on September 8.

So essentially, Baldwin County wins over Daphne, they are in as the second seed. If they lose, they are out as long as Saraland wins. If Baldwin County wins, then Saraland must win to be the fourth seed. If Saraland loses and Baldwin County wins, then Blount is fourth.

Region 3

Wetumpka’s win over Benjamin Russell put this region into a three-way tie for first with Opelika, and Pelham locked in at fourth. Here is how tiebreaker “L” looks right now:

Benjamin Russell (10): Central-Clay County (6 wins), Minor (4 wins)
Remaining non-region opponents: Beauregard (7 wins)

Opelika (4): Smiths Station (0 wins), Carver-Montgomery (4 wins)
Remaining non-region opponents: None

Wetumpka (18): Prattville (3 wins), Eufaula (7 wins), Stanhope Elmore (4 wins), Greenville (4 wins)
Remaining non-region opponents: None

Wetumpka right now is leading big, but a win over Beauregard would put it close for Benjamin Russell. It depends how the teams play out, but it looks like Wetumpka will most likely win this tiebreaker.

The total potential wins for Benjamin Russell (if they beat Beauregard) is between 17-19. The total potential wins for Wetumpka is between 18-22. Essentially, Wetumpka only needs one of their opponents to win next week to lock up the region title. If they all lose and Central-Clay County, Minor and Benjamin Russell all win, then Benjamin Russell will be your region champ.

To make it even longer and show how ridiculous of a scenario it is, all of the following needs to happen for Benjamin Russell to win the region:

Sidney Lanier defeats Prattville
Valley defeats Eufaula
McAdory defeats Greenville
Selma defeats Stanhope Elmore
Benjamin Russell defeats Beauregard
Central-Clay County defeats Handley
Minor defeats Spain Park

This is one of those “stars and planets have to align correctly” scenarios, but it is still technically alive, so we can’t mark Wetumpka region champ just yet, although they essentially are. With that said, in the scenario that will actually happen – Benjamin Russell will at least be the two seed, with Opelika in third.

Class 7A

Region 1

This region is still somewhat up in the air. McGill-Toolen and Fairhope are locked in as the top two seeds, but play in the final week for the region title and the loser falls to second. Davidson is locked into third no matter what, so it then comes down to Foley and Theodore for the fourth spot. They play this week to break that tie, and then it’s all set. We have Foley in that spot for now because they are technically ahead as of now.

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