Week 7 is finished and some regions already have region champions, despite there still being two weeks left of region play in most regions. Region play will continue through October 27, when we will know most of the spots in the playoffs, barring tiebreakers.

With JoxPreps bracketology, we take a look at how we feel the brackets could play out as we near the end of region play. Below is the bracket as we see it here at JoxPreps. This is nothing more than us looking at the numbers so far and projecting where teams could finish. It is our opinion, and none of this is set in stone. As we near the end of the season, teams will begin to lock up playoff spots, and we will make sure to note when that happens.

With each team listed in the bracket, we have given a confidence grade. This shows how confident we are that a team will finish in a certain spot. A “HIGH” grade means that we feel they will almost assuredly finish in that spot. A “MEDIUM” grade means that we feel that the team will most likely finish somewhere around where we have them listed, maybe a spot or two off depending on future results. A “LOW” grade means that things are still way up in the air and this is only an opinion from us, but there is a lot that still has to play out.

If a team has “LOCKED” next to their name, they are 100% set in that spot.

Here is the JoxPreps bracketology for Class 6A as of right now:


LOCKED = Team is 100% locked into that spot
HIGH = Most likely will finish where they are
MEDIUM = Most likely will finish within a spot or two of where our projections have them
LOW = May be in good position now, but things could drastically change with just one or two results

Region 1

1. Spanish FortMEDIUM
2. DaphneMEDIUM
3. SaralandLOW
4. BlountLOW

Others that could grab a spot: Baldwin County

Spanish Fort needs to win this week and then just one more time to lock up the region, unless Daphne loses to Blount, in which case a win this week will lock up the region title. Saraland took a hit this past weekend losing to Baldwin County, and now the Tigers are right back in it. There is still a lot that can happen in this region, and the only two teams that look poised to finish well are Spanish Fort and Daphne, yet they still have tests too.

Region 2

1. Sidney LanierHIGH
2. Park CrossingHIGH
3. Carver-MontgomeryHIGH
4. Stanhope ElmoreHIGH

Others that could grab a spot: Russell County

Lanier and Park Crossing face off this week. The winner will lock up the region title. They have both already locked up the top two seeds regardless, so the loser will still have home field. Assuming Carver defeats Northview this week, then these will 100% be the four teams, with Carver holding the tiebreaker over Stanhope.

Region 3

1. WetumpkaMEDIUM
2. Benjamin RussellMEDIUM
3. OpelikaMEDIUM
4. PelhamHIGH

Others that could grab a spot: None

These four teams are locked as the playoff representatives, but the order could still vary. If Pelham falls to Opelika, they will be locked in the fourth spot. The Panthers are off, so we’ll have to wait on that. Opelika and Wetumpka play this week and if Opelika wins, it could set up a weird tiebreaker scenario if Wetumpka beats Benjamin Russell. It will also lock Pelham in fourth. Still some “wait and see” with this region.

Region 4

1. Hillcrest-TuscaloosaHIGH
2. McAdoryHIGH
3. Bessemer CityMEDIUM
4. Paul BryantMEDIUM

Others that could grab a spot: None

Hillcrest has all but locked this region up, they only need one more win and they are playing the two bottom teams. Mathematically, it’s not locked yet though. McAdory only needs one more win to lock up second as well. Paul Bryant and Bessemer City play this week to determine third place. Northridge can cause a tiebreaker with a win over McAdory, but they will lose it unless McAdory loses to Selma too, which is unlikely.

Region 5

1. HomewoodMEDIUM
2. Shades ValleyMEDIUM
3. Jackson-OlinMEDIUM
4. RamsayMEDIUM

Others that could grab a spot: Hueytown

Homewood and Shades Valley play for the region title this weekend. If Homewood wins, they lock it up. If Shades Valley wins, they still have to beat John Carroll to lock it up. Hueytown’s win over Parker has them where they could win a tiebreaker over Jackson-Olin. Hueytown would have to beat JO, then hope JO loses to Parker or that they beat Homewood. It’s not likely, but still possible. Also, if Homewood does beat Shades Valley, and then SV/JO/Ramsay all win out, it will cause a three-way tie that Jackson-Olin will most likely win based on their non-region wins giving them the potential for more non-region wins. That would then drop Shades Valley to fourth because they would lose the next tiebreaker in a head-to-head with Ramsay. So this week can either put them in first with a win or potentially in fourth with a loss, even if they win out. We’ll see.

Region 6

1. Pinson ValleyMEDIUM
2. Clay-ChalkvilleMEDIUM
3. GardendaleMEDIUM
4. Carver-BirminghamLOW

Others that could grab a spot: Jasper, Minor

If Pinson Valley beats Gardendale, they lock up the region title at least on tiebreakers. Clay-Chalkville is all but locked into the second seed with their win over Carver on Saturday. They already lose the tiebreaker to Pinson and win it over Gardendale. A Pinson win would basically lock up the seeds above, minus Carver, who can still lose to Jasper and potentially let them qualify in fourth assuming Jasper wins out. If Minor wins out, they will lose the tiebreaker to Carver, so they would have to hope Carver loses out.

Region 7

1. OxfordHIGH
2. Pell CityHIGH
3. CullmanMEDIUM
4. Fort PayneLOW

Others that could grab a spot: Albertville

Oxford and Pell City play this week for the region title. The winner takes first and the loser takes second guaranteed. Cullman only needs to win one more game and Albertville is facing Fort Payne this week to determine the fourth team.

Region 8

1. AustinMEDIUM
2. Muscle ShoalsMEDIUM
3. HartselleMEDIUM
4. Hazel GreenMEDIUM

Others that could grab a spot: Athens, Florence

Austin and Muscle Shoals play this week, winner takes the region guaranteed. Technically, Athens can still finish second if they win out and Austin loses this week, but that is unlikely. Hartselle needs to win out against the bottom two teams in the region, then hope Hazel Green beats Florence. Hazel Green has to win out to make it. If Florence wins out, they make it on tiebreakers over Hartselle.