Week 6 is in the books and with that, we have a better idea of how the regions will finish out in each classification. Some of the top teams have locked up a playoff spot at the very least and many are already in good position, barring crazy upsets, for a region title.

We take a look at how we feel the brackets could play out with only a few weeks left in region play. Below is the bracket as we see it here at JoxPreps. This is nothing more than us looking at the numbers so far and projecting where teams could finish. It is our opinion, and none of this is set in stone. As we near the end of the season, teams will begin to lock up playoff spots, and we will make sure to note when that happens.

With each team listed in the bracket, we have given a confidence grade. This shows how confident we are that a team will finish in a certain spot. A “HIGH” grade means that we feel they will almost assuredly finish in that spot. A “MEDIUM” grade means that we feel that the team will most likely finish somewhere around where we have them listed, maybe a spot or two off depending on future results. A “LOW” grade means that things are still way up in the air and this is only an opinion from us, but there is a lot that still has to play out.

Here is the JoxPreps bracketology for Class 2A as of right now:


HIGH = Most likely will finish where they are
MEDIUM = Most likely will finish within a spot or two of where our projections have them
LOW = May be in good position now, but things could drastically change with just one or two results

Region 1

1. St. Luke’sMEDIUM
2. LeroyMEDIUM
3. JU BlacksherMEDIUM
4. Washington CountyLOW

Others that could grab a spot: Southern Choctaw, Chickasaw

Leroy and St. Luke’s battle it out this weekend for first place. If St. Luke’s wins, they should lock it up barring major upset. If Leroy wins, JU Blacksher should still throw a wrench in things. Fourth place is completely up for grabs depending on what happens between the other three teams.

Region 2

1. AbbevilleMEDIUM
2. AritonMEDIUM
3. Geneva CountyHIGH

Others that could grab a spot: Samson

Abbeville and Ariton are both 4-0 and play next week for first place. Geneva County only has the two winless teams in the region left, so this is an odd case where they are basically set at third place. GW Long and Samson play next week for the fourth spot.

Region 3

1. ElbaHIGH
2. GoshenMEDIUM
3. New BrocktonMEDIUM
4. LuverneMEDIUM

Others that could grab a spot: Central-Hayneville

Elba is looking good to be a region winner again. Goshen is most likely set in second, but they still have New Brockton left. Luverne has a tough schedule left and it could come down to their game versus Central-Hayneville in the final week to determine the final seed in this region.

Region 4

1. ThorsbyMEDIUM
2. AlicevilleMEDIUM
3. KeithMEDIUM
4. BillingsleyMEDIUM

Others that could grab a spot: RC Hatch

Thorsby and Aliceville play this week for first place. Thorsby is undefeated so far this year, while Aliceville has two close losses to really good teams in non-region play. We’ll see how that plays out. Keith is looking good in third, but still has to beat RC Hatch to lock things up. Same with Billingsley this week.

Region 5

1. LanettMEDIUM
2. LaFayetteMEDIUM
3. ReeltownMEDIUM
4. VincentMEDIUM

Others that could grab a spot: Ranburne

Lanett and LaFayette play at the end of region play for first place. Reeltown plays for a potential second spot this week against LaFayette. Vincent and Ranburne play at the end of the season as well to potentially determine the final spot in the playoffs.

Region 6

1. FyffeHIGH
2. Sand RockMEDIUM
3. Westbrook ChristianMEDIUM

Others that could grab a spot: Section, Collinsville

Fyffe is pretty much set in first place, but behind them things are a mess. This is our best guess, but any of the other teams listed could finish in any order.

Region 7

1. TarrantHIGH
2. FalkvilleMEDIUM
3. ClevelandMEDIUM
4. Winston CountyLOW

Others that could grab a spot: Tanner, West End-Walnut Grove

Tarrant is in good position, but behind them, Falkville owns the tiebreaker over Cleveland. Winston County, Tanner, and West End are all in a tie situation now, depending on what happens. If Winston County beats West End, they will be the 4-seed because they have already beaten Tanner.

Region 8

1. Lamar CountyMEDIUM
2. SulligentMEDIUM
3. Mars Hill BibleHIGH
4. Red BayMEDIUM

Others that could grab a spot: Sheffield

Lamar County and Sulligent play at the end of the season to determine first place, but they are basically set in the top two seeds. Behind them, Sheffield has only beaten the two winless teams, but can still make a play with a win over Red Bay this week. Mars Hill Bible only has the winless teams remaining, which puts them in the weird guaranteed third spot, barring crazy upsets.