Week 9 was a little bizarre with all of the Thursday games, but we will keep track of everything here!

Last updated: October 28, 1:25 pm

We take a look at how we feel the brackets could play out and below is the bracket as we see it here at JoxPreps. This is nothing more than us looking at the numbers so far and projecting where teams could finish. These current placings are a mix of current standings, projections and our opinion. Most teams will be locked in after this week, but some will have to head to non-region tiebreakers next week.

With each team listed in the bracket, we have given a confidence grade. This shows how confident we are that a team will finish in a certain spot. A “HIGH” grade means that we feel they will almost assuredly finish in that spot. A “MEDIUM” grade means that we feel that the team will most likely finish somewhere around where we have them listed, maybe a spot or two off depending on future results. A “LOW” grade means that things are still way up in the air and this is only an opinion from us, but there is a lot that still has to play out.

Here is the JoxPreps bracketology for Class 3A as of right now:

* – Teams marked in black are set in place
* – Teams marked in bold are going to be the home team in the first round
* – Teams marked in red are still up in the air

Please note, this bracket is unofficial until the AHSAA has released their final brackets.


LOCKED = Locked into that position no matter what
HIGH = Most likely will finish where they are
MEDIUM = Most likely will finish within a spot or two of where our projections have them
LOW = May be in good position now, but things could drastically change with just one or two results

Region 1

1. Flomaton (5-1)LOCKED
2. Mobile Christian (5-1)LOCKED
3. Bayside Academy (4-2)LOCKED
4. TR Miller (3-3)LOCKED

Others that could grab a spot: None

This region is set.

Region 2

1. Pike County (7-0)LOCKED
2. Providence Christian (6-1)LOCKED
3. Geneva (5-2)LOCKED
4. Opp (4-3)LOCKED

Others that could grab a spot: None

This region is set.

Region 3

1. Pike Road (7-0)LOCKED
2. St. James (6-1)LOCKED
3. Montgomery Academy (5-2)LOCKED
4. Bullock County (4-3)LOCKED

Others that could grab a spot: None

This region is set.

Region 4

1. Gordo (7-0)LOCKED
2. Winfield (6-1)LOCKED
3. Oakman (5-2)LOCKED
4. Carbon Hill (3-4)LOCKED

Others that could grab a spot: None

This region is set. Carbon Hill’s win and Green County’s loss puts Carbon Hill in the fourth spot with the head-to-head win.

Region 5

1. Fultondale (6-0)LOCKED
2. Locust Fork (4-2)LOCKED
3. Midfield (4-2)LOCKED
4. JB Pennington (2-4)LOCKED

Others that could grab a spot: None

This region is set. JB Pennington grabbed the fourth spot in a three-way tie with Holly Pond and Vinemont due to beating both head to head.

Region 6

1. Piedmont (6-1)LOCKED
2. Randolph County (6-1)LOCKED
3. Walter Wellborn (6-1)LOCKED
4. BB Comer (3-4)LOW

Others that could grab a spot: Pleasant Valley (3-4), Saks (3-4)

There are two three-way ties in this region.

The first one involved the top three teams, but they are locked in due to Piedmont’s unbeatable lead in Tiebreaker L. This Tiebreaker states “The team whose defeated non-region opponents (in class, above class, and within two classes below) have the most victories if all teams involved in the tie play an equal number of games.”

Here are the standings as of now:

Piedmont – 16, potentially 22 (Addison: 8, Jacksonville: 8) with Geraldine (6) remaining

Randolph County – 6, potentially 12 (Notasulga: 5, Woodland: 1 potentially 2) with Wadley (5) remaining

Walter Wellborn – 8, potentially 10 (Oak Grove: 1, Lincoln: 7 potentially 8, Central-Coosa: 0 potentially 1) with none remaining

There is no way for either Randolph County or Walter Wellborn to pass Piedmont as Piedmont already has so many wins to their total going into this week.

The second tie involves three teams battling for the final playoff spot. They have all lost to the top three teams and beaten each other. Because these three teams didn’t all play an equal number of games (Saks played 9, the others played 10) it goes to Tiebreaker N which states: “The team whose defeated opponents have the most victories.” It’s the first tiebreaker for a three-way tie without equal games played.

So here are the totals as of now:

BB Comer – 6, potentially 16 (Glencoe: 1 potentially 2, Talladega County Central: 0 potentially 1, Pleasant Valley: 5 potentially 6, Weaver: 0 potentially 1) with Fayetteville (6) remaining

Pleasant Valley – 8, potentially 21 (West End: 3 potentially 5, Weaver: 0 potentially 1, Saks: 4, Gaston: 0 potentially 1, Glencoe: 1 potentially 2) with Ohatchee (8) remaining

Saks – 7, potentially 10 (Cleburne County: 2, BB Comer: 4 potentially 5, Weaver: 0 potentially 1, Glencoe: 1 potentially 2) with none remaining

Pleasant Valley leads the way right now but it could really go any way.

Region 7

1. Susan Moore (6-0)LOCKED
2. Geraldine (5-1)LOCKED
3. Sylvania (4-2)LOCKED
4. Pisgah (2-4)HIGH

Others that could grab a spot: Plainview (2-4), New Hope (2-4)

The top three are set, but there is a three-way tie for fourth and it will go to non-region games with Tiebreaker L. Here are the standings as of now:

Plainview – 2, potentially 4 (North Jackson: 2 potentially 3) with Crossville (1) remaining

Pisgah – 7, potentially 13 (Woodville: 4 potentially 5, Section: 2 potentially 3) with North Sand Mountain (6) remaining, and Woodville/Section play so that will definitely count as 1 to make their combined total 7 guaranteed

New Hope – 4, potentially 7 (Holly Pond: 2 potentially 3, Section: 2 potentially 3) with Coosa Christian (1) remaining

Pisgah is going to benefit from beating a 1A team in Woodville, but starting in Class 3A there is no team too low for Tiebreaker L so their win counts. Plainview can’t win this tiebreaker so they are eliminated from playoff contention. New Hope can still tie Pisgah since their previous two wins will equal 7 no matter what due to Woodville and Section playing each other. If those two teams were to tie at 7 wins a piece then New Hope would win the tiebreaker due to their head-to-head win over Pisgah.

This is a very rare situation where a random game that has nothing to do with this region can completely affect who makes the playoffs and who doesn’t. Woodville vs. Section is important because if Woodville wins, it’s impossible for New Hope to pass Pisgah but if Section wins, then New Hope only needs Holly Pond to win and then they need to beat Coosa Christian. The problem is that Holly Pond is playing a region champ from 4A in Fairview.

Pisgah will win this tiebreaker UNLESS – Section defeats Woodville, Holly Pond defeats Fairview, New Hope defeats Coosa Christian, North Sand Mountain defeats Pisgah. If all of that happens, New Hope will be the fourth seed.

Region 8

1. Westminster Christian (5-1)LOCKED
2. Lauderdale County (5-1)LOCKED
3. Clements (4-2)LOCKED
4. Colbert Heights (4-2)LOCKED

Others that could grab a spot: None

This region is set.