Week 9 was a little bizarre with all of the Thursday games, but we will keep track of everything here!

Last updated: October 25, 11:12 pm

We take a look at how we feel the brackets could play out and below is the bracket as we see it here at JoxPreps. This is nothing more than us looking at the numbers so far and projecting where teams could finish. These current placings are a mix of current standings, projections and our opinion. Most teams will be locked in after this week, but some will have to head to non-region tiebreakers next week.

With each team listed in the bracket, we have given a confidence grade. This shows how confident we are that a team will finish in a certain spot. A “HIGH” grade means that we feel they will almost assuredly finish in that spot. A “MEDIUM” grade means that we feel that the team will most likely finish somewhere around where we have them listed, maybe a spot or two off depending on future results. A “LOW” grade means that things are still way up in the air and this is only an opinion from us, but there is a lot that still has to play out.

Here is the JoxPreps bracketology for Class 2A as of right now:

* – Teams marked in black are set in place
* – Teams marked in bold are going to be the home team in the first round
* – Teams marked in red are still up in the air

Please note, this bracket is unofficial until the AHSAA has released their final brackets.


LOCKED = Locked into that position no matter what
HIGH = Most likely will finish where they are
MEDIUM = Most likely will finish within a spot or two of where our projections have them
LOW = May be in good position now, but things could drastically change with just one or two results

Region 1

1. Leroy (7-0)LOCKED
2. Cottage Hill Christian (6-1)LOCKED
3. JU Blacksher (5-2)LOCKED
4. Chickasaw (4-3)LOCKED

Others that could grab a spot: None

This region is set.

Region 2

1. Ariton (7-0)LOCKED
2. Abbeville (6-1)LOCKED
3. GW Long (5-2)LOCKED
4. Daleville (4-3)LOCKED

Others that could grab a spot: None

This region is set.

Region 3

1. Luverne (7-0)LOCKED
2. Goshen (5-2)LOCKED
3. New Brockton (3-3)MEDIUM
4. Zion Chapel (3-4)LOW

Others that could grab a spot: Samson (3-3)

Highland Home had to forfeit six games which made this region completely different from where we originally had it. All those forfeits also gave free wins to teams at the bottom, which made it where many teams are now alive for the playoffs.

The other weird thing with this region is that there is one region game that will be played on Week 10. New Brockton and Samson play this week and it will decide playoff spots. The winner of the game is third regardless. If Samson defeats New Brockton, then Samson will be third and New Brockton will be fourth based on winning over both Zion Chapel and Central-Hayneville (who is also at 3-4 but can’t make the playoffs regardless). If New Brockton wins, they will be third and there will be a three-way tie between Samson, Zion Chapel and Central-Hayneville that will go to Tiebreaker L which looks at non-region games.

Here are the non-region standings as of now:

Samson – 3 potentially 4 (Kinston: 3 potentially 4) with none remaining

Zion Chapel – 4, potentially 8 (Red Level: 1 potentially 2, Kinston: 3 potentially 4) with Pleasant Home (2) remaining

Central-Hayneville – 0, potentially 3 (Barbour County: 0 potentially 1) with Autaugaville (2) remaining

If it gets to this tiebreaker, Zion Chapel can’t lose because the only way they can even tie them is for Kinston to win, but Zion Chapel defeated them as well so they would also get another win added to their total.

So to simplify it based on the Samson/New Brockton game:

Samson wins – 3) Samson, 4) New Brockton

New Brockton wins – 3) New Brockton, 4) Zion Chapel

Region 4

1. Reeltown (6-0)LOCKED
2. LaFayette (5-1)LOCKED
3. Thorsby (4-2)LOCKED
4. Fayetteville (3-3)LOCKED

Others that could grab a spot: None

This region is set.

Region 5

1. Aliceville (6-0)LOCKED
2. Sulligent (5-1)LOCKED
3. Cold Springs (3-3)MEDIUM
4. Southeastern (3-3)MEDIUM

Others that could grab a spot: Tarrant (3-3)

There is a three-way tie for third between Cold Springs, Tarrant and Southeastern that will go to Tiebreaker N which states: “The team whose defeated opponents have the most victories.” It’s the first tiebreaker for a three-way tie without equal games played.

As it stands now:

Cold Springs – 8, potentially 14 (Meek: 0, Southeastern: 4 potentially 5, Sumiton Christian: 1 potentially 2, Winston County: 3 potentially 4) with Vinemont (3) remaining

Tarrant – 8, potentially 18 (Winston County: 3 potentially 4, Sumiton Christian: 1 potentially 2, Cold Springs: 4 potentially 5) with Fultondale (7) remaining

Southeastern – 7, potentially 12 (Brindlee Mountain: 0 potentially 1, Sumiton Christian: 1 potentially 2, Winston County: 3 potentially 4, Tarrant: 3 potentially 4) with Asbury (1) remaining

The team with the best chance is most likely Cold Springs because is Southeastern wins over Asbury (1-8) then both Southeastern and Cold Springs get an extra win to their total while Tarrant does not. The team with the worst chance is Southeastern because of that point also going to Cold Springs in which they would tie at 9 in a best case scenario in which they lose head-to-head to Cold Springs there as well. However, if Cold Springs does win this tiebreaker, it helps Southeastern to make the playoffs in the fourth seed because they beat Tarrant head-to-head. Tarrant really needs to hope that they win this tiebreaker by Winston County winning or straight up beating Fultondale which will automatically give it to them.

To simplify:

If Cold Springs wins this tiebreaker – 3) Cold Springs, 4) Southeastern

If Tarrant wins this tiebreaker – 3) Tarrant, 4) Cold Springs

If Southeastern wins this tiebreaker – 3) Southeastern, 4) Tarrant

There is a small chance that this stays tied at this tiebreaker. If that were to happen, it would go to Tiebreaker P which is simply “The team with the most victories”. Right now, Southeastern and Cold Springs have 4 while Tarrant has 3. If it for some reason was tied after that, it would go to a coin flip.

Region 6

1. Ohatchee (6-0)LOCKED
2. Ranburne (5-1)LOCKED
3. Cleveland (4-2)LOCKED
4. Westbrook Christian (3-3)LOCKED

Others that could grab a spot: None

This region is set.

Region 7

1. Red Bay (6-0)LOCKED
2. Addison (5-1)LOCKED
3. Colbert County (4-2)LOCKED
4. Sheffield (3-3)LOCKED

Others that could grab a spot: None

This region is set.

Region 8

1. Fyffe (7-0)LOCKED
2. Collinsville (6-1)LOCKED
3. North Sand Mountain (5-2)LOCKED
4. Cedar Bluff (4-3)LOCKED

Others that could grab a spot: None

This region is set.