2018-2019 State Champions

champions block

Sport 7A 6A 5A 4A 3A 2A 1A
Volleyball McGill-Toolen Spanish Fort Jasper Bayside Academy Montgomery Academy Addison Pleasant Home
Cross Country (Boys) Huntsville Homewood Scottsboro Montgomery Catholic Pleasant Valley Altamont
Cross Country (Girls) Auburn Homewood Scottsboro Montgomery Catholic Westminster-Oak Mountain Cold Springs
Swimming (Boys)
Swimming (Girls)
Basketball (Boys)
Basketball (Girls)
Indoor Track and Field (Boys)
Indoor Track and Field (Girls)
Bowling (Boys)
Bowling (Girls)
Tennis (Boys)
Tennis (Girls)
Golf (Boys)
Golf (Girls)
Outdoor Track and Field (Boys)
Outdoor Track and Field (Girls)
Soccer (Boys)
Soccer (Girls)

Total Championships Leaders

Homewood (6A) – 2
Montgomery Catholic (4A) – 2
Scottsboro (5A) – 2